Our Vision

There is a subtle cloud of Shanskar (mind programming) around our heads all the time. We unconsciously pick up thoughts from this cloud and convert them into our daily actions/karmas. Heap of all these karmas is the definition our bhagya (Prarabdha). Alignment of Planets during birth are tools to dissect these clouds. Even Lord Hanuman was cursed because of some of his bad karmas and as a reasult he had to forget about all his strengths. Mission of Astro Vishaka is to analyse hidden strengths of it’s clients by using the tool of Planetary Alignments and also to alert them about the area of life where a bad karma could be again committed.

My Interest In Occult

Interest in astrology aroused inside me when I was taken to a random village astrologer by my parent when I was at class 8 for family consultation. This astrologer predicted that my father had married to a girl who is approximately 10 years younger than him. I can still recall that bombshell feeling as my parent’s age gap difference was 9 years. A seed of thought to learn about this occult knowledge got shown inside me since then. After completing high school, I officially got enrolled into an Astro Institute and completed a 3 years course. Even after spending whole nights into reading astrology a thrust to fill that inside voidness for knowledge did not got satisfied but after few exploration I meet Mr. Deepanshu Giri and got enrolled into his courses and since then my predictive techniques had increased by many folds. I am fortunate that I got guidance in the field of both astrology and spirituality by Mr. Deepanshu Giri.

After professionally consulting about one thousand charts, a thought triggered inside me to expand my dimension and hence I got enrolled into learning Vastu Sashtra courses as well. An insitinct of amalgamation between Astro and Vastu to analyse consultation cases started to come naturally had been a by product now. I am fortunate that I got guidance in the field of Vastu by Mr.Khusdeep Bansal.

I got a chance to learn spirituality at even more deeper level from an enlighted soul of Nepal origin. Daily sadhana techniques from my Spiritual Guru had helped me a lot. I am fortunate enough that I got guidance in the field of Spirituality by MahaYogi Siddha Baba Krishna das ji Maharaj


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# Nov. 14, 2022

Aries Energy

Each Rashi has its own unique qualities and so do planets astrology is all about how an
the energy of a planet behaves in the provided energy of that Rashi.
we astrologers make predic.........

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# Nov. 14, 2022

Moon in Gemini

This guy is my favorite because the sign of Gemini is like a small 7-year-old baby whose
priority in life is to have fun no matter what I mean this guy does not even need a reason to

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