Aries Energy

Nov. 14, 2022, 11:30 a.m.

Each Rashi has its own unique qualities and so do planets astrology is all about how an
the energy of a planet behaves in the provided energy of that Rashi.
we astrologers make predictions by using the energy of planets' signs and houses.
let me clear this with a very brief example, i.e we all know out of 9 planets, planet satrun_the
Shani dev is the natural karaka of work. so if Saturn is in aeries then the person can not do a 9
to 4 jobs because the aeries is a very energetic sign, actually the most energetic sign out of 12,
now let's put flavor of Saturn to it, i.e Saturn is also the karaka of an old man so Saturn in aeries
is a situation where an old man is forced to move fast and forced to do quick actions and not
allowed to work slowly as it should have been, so obviously, an old man would fall if he is
constantly forced to move at a faster pace similarly Saturn in aeries native would not be able to
complete his task in time on the one hand and will fall out of time on the other hand because of
unnecessary panic to complete the task in time.
at a glance, they always seem to be working but due to an imbalance of speed they would not
be get it done properly.
so the simple one-line remedy to native with Saturn in aeries native is: do not panic, you really
need to have a chill in life.

now let's put the energy of the house into it, i.e take the example of Saturn in aeries in the third house.
As we all know that third house is the house of communication and media in today's day and age we
may call it a house of youtube also, so I know a friend who has this combination, and he
watches funny videos on youtube in fast motion(playback speed 1.25). I mean this guy cant
even watch comedy in its natural form, bro comedy is ought to be enjoyed by looking
expressions and all other natural stuff, why would you allow your Saturn to get pissed by with
aeries energy bro?

now, let us use another karaka of Saturn here i.e as Saturn is also a karaka of shoes so native with
Saturn in aeries changes his shoes or shocks or slippers very frequently,
NOTE: each of 9 planets has their own karaka

natives born from 1998 to 1999 had Saturn in aeries, blindly we could these tendencies to those
native and the prediction would not fail
similarly, planet moon_the Chandra is the karaka of our mind, our consciousness so the
Rashi/sign placement of the moon is the major influencing factor of how a native would think about
how he behaves in his day-to-day life.

moon in aeries/ Mesha Rashi

the moon is karaka of water, and water takes the form of that bowl very quickly where it is being
so just put the natural significations of aeries into the moon and the native with the moon in
aeries/Mesha Rashi would have these qualities.
qualities of aeries
i.e, these people would be very aggressive, always ready to fight, are red in their complexion as
the color of aeries is red, likes to change, and can not stay still a major feature of this native is
that they are very possessive about their food because the moon is also the natural karaka of food
and Aeris is all about that army whose job is to give protection to the nation, as aeries is the
the first sign of the zodiac the energy of aeries is about starting something new so by simply using the
karaka of the moon as a mother, food, and water in aeries we can blindly predict that these natives are
always energetic about learning new items of food recipes, their mother would have started
something new in her career.
let me put it this way, a group of friends went out for a picnic in a jungle and the person who is
most concerned about the fuel for cooking and the one who would make sure that the spot of
picnic should be somewhere near the source of water is aeries because the natural energy of
aeries that army whose motive is to protect the nation for his king.
had there been a gemeni then he does not care about how far the water source is or how far
the fuel will last because the purpose of Gemini is to enjoy and have fun.
this is why aeries/mesh and Gemini/Mithun would not go along with each other.
I will write more about Gemini separately and now let's end aeris here.