Moon in Gemini

Nov. 14, 2022, 11:37 a.m.

This guy is my favorite because the sign of Gemini is like a small 7-year-old baby whose
priority in life is to have fun no matter what I mean this guy does not even need a reason to

take it this way, what a 7-year-old boy needs to have fun in life? hiding behind the same curtain
of the same room 4 times and still asking us to find him. i.e these native enjoys every moment
of life but this can be a big problem because they are so lost in their own head of
making this world a small room to play hide and sick that they might be perceived as careless,
the dumb fellow who can not understand the gravity of the situation provided that other planetary
the combination also supports this placement.

also, another feature of Gemini is they are very much curious to know each and everything, like
literally everything. In simple words that friend in the group whose hands are always few
seconds far from google to everything he hears about is Gemini, this nature of curiosity to
know all is also coming from that same 7-year-old who asks about 50 if not 100 things in a
this is also that guy in the group who gives a damn care about how long will the fuel last for
cooking or how far is the water source from the picnic spot, his only purpose is to check the charge of the battery of the loudspeaker to dance to his favorite songs and to make sure that 7 out of 10
songs in today's playlist are his favorite ones.